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shai linne 'Lyrical Theology Part 1: Theology'

This is shai's 5th studio album. Sonically and thematically, “Lyrical Theology Part 1″ is a throwback album, reminiscent of early work by artists like The Cross Movement and Ambassador. Against...

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shai linne 'Lyrical Theology Part 2: Doxology'

Lyrical Theology Part 2: Doxology Shai Linne's 6th studio album  "LT2:Doxology," for short, is strongly influenced by great hymns of the Christian faith, negro spirituals, and by Shai Linne's experience with...

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shai linne 'Still Jesus'

“Ayo, I’m back, but nobody was asking where I’ve been…” This line, first spoken on “Random Thoughts” on “The Solus Christus Project” in 2005, is also the introductory line for...

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shai linne 'Storiez'

shai linne's album Storiez, is an album entirely filled with narratives. shai covers topics such as modern day martyrs, a Hebrew family living through the Passover, an autobiography of Charles...


shai linne 'The Atonement'

The Atonement is a thematic lyrical presentation of the great saving work accomplished on the cross 2,000 years ago by Jesus Christ. Each song is an expression of either the...


shai linne 'The Attributes of God'

"What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us." -A.W. Tozer. The long-awaited follow up to 2008's The Atonement and Storiez is...

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shai linne 'The Solus Christus Project'

shai linne's debut album. Featuring guest spots from timothy brindle, Phanatik, Stephen the Levite and Cruz Cordero.  Track Listing: 1. Intro 2. Random Thoughts 3. Christ Crucified 4. Mic Check...


Still Jesus T-Shirt

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