Lamp Mode Recordings

A Philadelphia-based independent record label with a mission to make theologically-rooted hip hop for the modern context. Since 2003, Lamp Mode has released over 30 albums. The strength of Lamp Mode has been in the rich diversity of sound, all proclaiming Jesus to anyone who would listen. 

The Chopping Block Blog

Grits & the Grimels Contest & News

Lamp Mode Rec. is excited to partner with author Chris Lassiter to promote his new book Grits and The Grimels. Grits and the Grimels is the tale of how one family (the Grimels) moved into a neighborhood to help start...

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New Chopping Block: "Abiding in Jesus" by Timothy Brindle

  This is a short talk from the brother Timothy Brindle chopping it up on the importance of being rooted in Christ that leads to being salt and light in our world. Filmed at the 2017 Chopping Block Conference in...

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NEW MUSIC: "Priest-Judge" by Timothy Brindle

The Garden in Eden was a Temple, since God dwelt with His people. Therefore, God made Adam to be a priest "to guard" God's holy presence from evil (Gen. 2:15; Numbers 3:5-10) and execute judgment on anything unclean that would...

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