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Stephen The Levite 'The Last Missionary'

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Stephen the Levite is back with another Christ exalting, and lyrically impressive offering, "The Last Missionary". God is quite clear on how His mission is to be carried out. Burdened by this, and with great affection for Christ's glory, Stephen the Levite, has drafted up and presented his latest musical offering featuring: Timothy Brindle, Hazakim, Leah Smith, muzeONE, and more! Join us on the journey to explore and answer the question at hand, "Who is the Last Missionary?"

Track Listing:
01. The First Missionary (最初の宣教師)
02. Give It Up! (ギヴ·イット·アップ)
03. Voltron ft. Mac the doulos & Zae da Blacksmith (百獣の王Golion)
04. My Wife’s Soundtrack (私の妻のサウンドトラック)
05. Fight Club ft. muzeONE (ファイト·クラブ)
06. Commissionary (共同宣教師)
07. Dividing Lies ft. S.O. (割るライズ)
08. S.O.S. ft. Wes Pendleton (歌の歌)
09. Wrote It This Way ft. Timothy Brindle & Hazakim (この方法でそれを書いた)
10. Temptation (誘惑)
11. Enter:Missionary ft. Average Joe (ミッションを入力します)
12. Rehoboam (レハベアム)
13. Deadbeat (デッドビート)
14. Reign & Rebellion ft. Leah Smith (治世と反逆)
15. Beauty & The Beast (美女と野獣)
16. The Last Missionary (最後の宣教師)