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Redeemed Thought 'Truth, Beauty, Goodness'

Muze One and Stephen the Levite are Redeemed Thought Track Listing:  1. Welcome 2. The Anthem (Build Up) 3. Christ Control 4. Truth 5. Bang Ya' Head 6. Keep It...

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Stephen The Levite '...To Die Is Gain'

Stephen the Levite's debut solo album. Track Listing: 1. Bna Part B 2. Die Is Gain 3. My Life's Soundtrack 4. Kna 5. the Darkness 6. To Resist From...

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Stephen The Levite 'Can I Be Honest?'

Known for delivering theological content, which the devoted husband and father says provides a clear and honest depiction of who he is, he further explained, “This is a different kind...

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Stephen The Levite 'Forerunner'

Stephen the Levite is making his way out of silence with his latest release called, "The Forerunner EP". This project, serving as a pointer to his next full release scheduled...

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Stephen The Levite 'The Last Missionary'

Stephen the Levite is back with another Christ exalting, and lyrically impressive offering, "The Last Missionary". God is quite clear on how His mission is to be carried out. Burdened...

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The Collective 'The Collective'

The Collective is a group comprised of Timothy Brindle, Stephen the Levite and Zae da Blacksmith. Each known for their lyrical prowess, they've 'collected' to join forces and make an...

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