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Json 'No Filter'

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Much of life can be lived out trying to be who you desire to be, not necessarily who you actually are. In the variety of moments where we are confronted with who we actually are, a confusing wave of emotions can flood us concerning how to deal with what we find. This project is Json walking us through his experience in growing in contentment with how God has made him; not finding his identity in himself, but in Christ. He is a true snapshot of Json, with "No filter".

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1. The Birth (Prelude)
2. The Birth
3. Preacha Man (Monty G)
4. Get It Got It (feat. S.O.)
5. Light Up (feat. Serge)
6. Identity (feat. Jai)
7. Remember (feat. J.R.)
8. My G (feat. Black Knight)
9. Stunna (Prelude)
10. Stunna (feat. Tony)
11. Love To Do It (feat. Keno Camp & J. Carter)
12. Black (feat. T. Word)
13. Like That
14. Winters Bone (feat. J.R.)
15. Filter Effect (feat. Charde Jones)
16. Stronger (feat. Hilary Jane)
17. Secrets (Bonus Track) [feat. J.R.]
18. Secrets Pt. 2 (Bonus Track) [feat. J.R.]

The "Making of No Filter" Documentary Series: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4