shai linne 'Still Jesus'

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Music Packages

All packages come with the Still Jesus Listener's Guide, a detailed PDF where Shai Linne breaks down each song from a musical, lyrical and theological perspective.

  1. "Stand Up" Package: Comes with MP3 Download.
  2. "Immutable" Package: Comes with CD and MP3 Download.
  3. "Lord of All" Package: Comes with Download of MP3, Instrumentals, and Audio Commentary.
  4. "Supreme" Package: Comes with CD, Download of MP3, Instrumentals, and Audio Commentary.

“Ayo, I’m back, but nobody was asking where I’ve been…”

This line, first spoken on “Random Thoughts” on “The Solus Christus Project” in 2005, is also the introductory line for the long-awaited new album from Shai Linne. After a three-year absence, the “lower-case emcee” is back with his seventh studio album, entitled Still Jesus.

About the album, Shai says:

“The main point of Still Jesus is simple: We live in turbulent times, where things seem to shift more and more quickly. With all the changes of the past few years in society, the Church, and Christian Hip-hop, Jesus Christ hasn't changed. Hebrews 13:8- ‘Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.’ Our main problem- fallen humanity’s sin before a Holy God- is still the same. And the solution to that problem- the gospel- is still the same. At the end of the day, It’s still all about Jesus.”

For Still Jesus, Shai reunited with Alex Hitchens (the primary producer from 2011’s The Attributes of God), who produced most of the album. Sonically, there is a blend of classic East Coast styles and edgy sounds with new-school influences. Standout tracks include “Random Thoughts 3”, the rugged anthem “Lord of All”, and the first single, “Supreme” which features a collaboration with long-time friends and co-laborers Beautiful Eulogy. There’s even a one-sided rap battle that you won’t want to miss.

When asked about the impact he hopes Still Jesus would have, Shai replied: “On this album, I have 3 primary aims 1) To challenge the recent direction of CHH  2) To encourage God’s people about the faithfulness of God, which is rooted in his unchanging character 3) To highlight the beauty and sufficiency of Jesus and the gospel through Christ-centered hip-hop. Soli Deo Gloria!”


    1. Random Thoughts 3
    2. Stand Up
    3. Supreme ft. Beautiful Eulogy
    4. Turn it Off
    5. MC Goya Battle Rap (Interlude)
    6. I'm Hot
    7. One Day
    8. One Day (Reprise) ft. Quinten Coblentz
    9. Ichabod
    10. Lord of All
    11. Immutable ft. Monielle
    12. Startling Mystery ft. Quinten Coblentz
    13. Washer's Warning