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Hazakim 'Son of Man'

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Hazakim’s new album, “Son of Man”, is the five year follow up to Theophanies. With a wide range of features from J. Williams to Jai, and everything from a reggae hook to a chorus in hebrew (that’s right...hebrew!) this album has an original sound with a classic message. There is a remedy for the ails of society and the burdens of the soul. They both potently find their healing agent in the person and work of Christ, and is ultimately expressed and realized through His return! Join us as we think on the “Son of Man” with the artistic and instructional help of Hazakim. 

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Track Listing: 
1. Kingdom Come ft. J. Williams
2. The Other Side
3. At The Door
4. Full Circle ft. Jai
5. Only Beloved Interlude ft. Sam Shamoun
6. Iron Clad ft. Monty G & God's Servant
7. Time Zone
8. Strong Tower ft. S.O.
9. Supernova ft. J. Williams
10. Grace and Supplication
11. Lo Mefached Interlude (Not Afraid)
12. Crown ft. Will Passion

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