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NEW MUSIC: "Priest-Judge" by Timothy Brindle

By Lamp Mode


The Garden in Eden was a Temple, since God dwelt with His people. Therefore, God made Adam to be a priest "to guard" God's holy presence from evil (Gen. 2:15; Numbers 3:5-10) and execute judgment on anything unclean that would defile His holy sanctuary (i.e., the serpent!).

This sets the pattern for the Levites killing 3,000 idolaters on their day of ordination, Joshua leading a kingdom of priests into the Promised Land to slaughter the Canaanites, and ultimately Jesus Christ's cleansing of the Temple and his casting out of Satan by his death and Resurrection as we await for him to cleanse the earth of all the wicked in His second coming!

In his second single from "The Unfolding" album over a rugged track produced by Braille of Beautiful Eulogy, Timothy Brindle unpacks how this theme of Priest-Judge unfolds from Genesis to Revelation.

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