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NEW MUSIC: "Riding Through Nacogdoches" by S.O.

By Lamp Mode



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S.O. is back with another new single “Riding Through Nacogdoches”

The label’s first international artist – born in Nigeria and raised in London – S.O. recently relocated to Texas. The song’s title is reflective of a drive he now makes routinely.

“My church in Texas where I live is off of that road,” S.O. said. “I drive there at least three times a week. The song is just me saying, ‘Here are some of the things I’m thinking through when I’m riding. Here’s some of the stuff going on in my life.’ I just wanted to make another record speaking about my experiences and speaking about what’s in front of me.”

Riding Through Nacogdoches Music Video


S.O. was one of the Lamp Mode artists to participate in the label’s inaugural Chopping Block Conference in Los Angeles. He took the opportunity to shoot a video for Riding Through Nacogdoches.

“I thought it would be good to shoot a video with my fans at the moment right then and there,” S.O. said. “The Chopping Block Conference was great obviously. I was teaching on social media. What we did is in between (teaching) times we invited fans to be part of the video.”

Produced by G.P., Riding Through Nacogdoches will be available wherever online music is sold.

Buy / Stream the Single: Spotify | Itunes | Google Play

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shai linne and Json Featured in Article "Five Reasons Preachers Should Listen to Hip Hop"

By Lamp Mode

shai linne and Json Featured in Article

Lamp Mode artists shai linne and Json were recently featured in article titled "Five Reasons Preachers Should Listen to Hip Hop" by Dan DeWitt at

"I certainly don’t want to reduce great preaching to cadence, but I do think this is an area where many preachers can benefit from hearing sermonic rhythm from artists like Shai Linne or the Ambassador."

"Listen to Json’s album No Filter for a view of Christian life from the trenches of the lived experience. Christian rap can help us think deeply about the way our message might sound on the other side of the lectern."

 Read the full article here.

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