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Shai Linne Announces New Album + Lyric Video

By Lamp Mode

Shai Linne Announces New Album + Lyric Video

“Ayo, I’m back, but nobody was asking where I’ve been…”

This line, first spoken on “Random Thoughts” on “The Solus Christus Project” in 2005, is also the introductory line for the long-awaited new album from Shai Linne. After a three-year absence, the “lower-case emcee” is back with his seventh studio album, entitled Still Jesus.

The first single off of "Still Jesus" is shai linne's colloboration with Beautiful Eulogy called SUPREME.

Pre-order STILL JESUS today and get an instant download of SUPREME today

Still Jesus is available on July 21st everywhere music is sold or streamed.




  1. Random Thoughts 3
  2. Stand Up
  3. Supreme ft. Beautiful Eulogy
  4. Turn it Off
  5. MC Goya Battle Rap (Interlude)
  6. I'm Hot
  7. One Day
  8. One Day (Reprise) ft. Quinten Coblentz
  9. Ichabod
  10. Lord of All
  11. Immutable ft. Monielle
  12. Startling Mystery ft. Quinten Coblentz
  13. Washer's Warning


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