shai linne


Shai linne is living proof that God has a wonderful sense of humor. He once told his mom that he would never, ever become a Christian, completely oblivious to the fact that God had chosen him to be a Christian before time began. He doesn’t like the spotlight, so God gave him natural gifts that put him on stage as an actor. He doesn’t like to be in front of people, so God gave him spiritual gifts that are mostly public in nature. shai has appeared on numerous independent and national Christian Hip-hop releases, including his 2005 full-length debut, The Solus Christus Project. All this from someone who doesn’t like hip-hop and never pursued a career in music. Someone in heaven is having a big laugh at his expense. After all this time, shai still doesn’t get the joke.
(Artist / Album Title / Year of Release / Record Label)

RockSoul Vol. 1 (2002) RockSoul Entertainment

timothy Brindle The Great Awakening (2003) Lamp Mode Recordings

Urban Compositions (2004) RockSoul Entertainment

Grassroots Sampler (2004) Lamp Mode Recordings

Cross Movement Higher Definition (2004) Cross Movement Records

The Antidote (2004) RockSoul Entertainment

shai linne The Solus Christus Project (2005) Lamp Mode Recordings

Ambassador The Thesis (2005) Cross Movement Records

Flame Rewind (2005) Cross Movement Records

timothy brindle Killing Sin (2005) Lamp Mode Recordings

Why Hip Hop? Vol. 1 (2005) Cross Movement Records

Heavy Rotation Vol. 1 (2006) Hiphop Is Music

Stephen the Levite…To Die Is Gain (2006) Lamp Mode Recordings

Redeemed ThoughtTruth, Beauty, Goodness (2007) Lamp Mode Recordings

R-Swift Revolutionary Theme Muzik (2007) Lamp Mode Recordings / Cross Movement Records

13 Letters (2007) Reach Records

shai linne Storiez (2008) Lamp Mode Recordings

shai linne The Atonement (2008) Lamp Mode Recordings

Flame Our World Redeemed (2008) Cross Movement Records

Trip Lee 20/20 (2008) Reach Records

shai linne The Attributes of God (2011) Lamp Mode Recordings




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